Missing and Murdered Indigenous People

In 2016 the Government of Canada launched an official National Inquiry into the urgent issue of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls. 

This National Inquiry is a response to the disproportionately high amount of Indigenous people who go missing every year without being found. This Inquiry was also the Government of Canada’s response to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s Call to Action #41.

You may recognize causes such as The REDdress Project which address these truths. Since then, this National Inquiry has turned into a movement that has expanded to include: Indigenous men, women, girls, boys, and LGBTQ and Two Spirit people. 

The Final Report

Reclaiming Power and Place: The Final Report of the National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls , a 1,200 page documents was released in 2019. This report provided evidence that abuses to Human Rights and Indigenous rights committed by the Canadian Government represent genocide against Indigenous peoples. These violations to Human Rights have resulted in the denial of safety, security, and human dignity and they are the root causes of the violence against Indigenous people. Further, this denial of Human Rights maintains a world in which Indigenous people are forced to confront violence on a daily basis, and where perpetrators act without consequence.

The results of this inquiry have led to the Four Calls to Justice in order to build on the foundation of the Inquiry and continue reconciling the effects of and ending the Canadian genocide of Indigenous people. 

These pathways include:

  • historical, multigenerational, and intergenerational trauma;
  • social and economic marginalization;
  • maintaining the status quo and institutional lack of will; and
  • ignoring the agency and expertise of Indigenous women, girls, and 2SLGBTQQIA people.

So far, the Canadian Government has failed to act upon the recommendations of the National Inquiry that was release two years ago.

Call to Action for You

  • We the people must stand up for what is right by pressuring our government to do better. 
  • We can do this by educating ourselves, creating awareness in our communities, advocating for the cause, by donating, and by signing petitions.
  • Links are provided below for your convenience

Education & Awareness

The National Inquiry (2016): 


The Final Report (2019):


Fact Sheet:


About the Genocide:


The Truth Sharing Podcast: 


Donations & Support

Native Women's Association of Canada: https://www.nwac.ca/donate/

Ancient Flames Commitment

1. For every candle sold, Ancient Flame will donate $1 to the Native Women's Association of Canada

2. We vow to continue educating ourselves and advocating on behalf of Missing and Murdered Indigenous People

3. We vow to amplify the voices who are informed and affected by Missing and Murdered Indigenous People.