Ancient Flame Core Values

The values of Ancient Flame are at the forefront of all the work we do and the decisions we make. Thank you for supporting us and our vision.

1. Cultural Appreciation

Ancient Flame aims to be culturally appreciative, aware, and sensitive in all of our offerings and actions. We take a non-neutral stance against cultural appropriation, racism, & spiritual by-passing in the world of wellness. We are allies to the Indigenous folks who inhabit and care for this land. We acknowledge that we are guests here on Treaty Six Territory in Amiskwaciwaskahikin.

2. Creative & Spiritual Expression

Ancient Flame stands for the freedom of creative and spiritual expression in all forms for all folks. We believe that every body has the right to openly practice and embody their creative and spiritual expressions without shame, judgement or condemnation for so long as it is loving, peaceful and contributing to the greater good of the culture and society - as art should.

3. Mother Earth & The Divine Feminine

Ancient Flame stands to protect and honour the Divine Feminine in all of her many forms, including the Earth and the Women of Earth. For too long, the Divine Feminine has been repressed and oppressed - leading to a great imbalance in the way we treat one another and the planet Earth. We take part in the restoration of this sacred balance between the Masculine and Feminine as a means to the collective healing of the planet and the people.